Girl Scout Parent Meeting Agenda Template

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Daisy Girl Scout Agenda Meeting Handout Printable Instant
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In this article, we will provide you with a Girl Scout parent meeting agenda template that you can use for your next meeting. Whether you are a troop leader or a parent, having a well-organized and efficient meeting is crucial for the success of your Girl Scout troop. This agenda template will help you stay on track and cover all the important topics.

Table of Contents

Opening and Welcome

The meeting should start with an opening and welcome from the troop leader. This is an opportunity to greet all the parents and thank them for attending the meeting. The leader can also introduce any new parents or volunteers who may be present.

Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

The next item on the agenda should be a review of the previous meeting minutes. The troop leader can provide a brief overview of the topics discussed and any action items that were assigned. This allows everyone to stay informed and ensures that any unfinished business is addressed.

Troop Activities and Events

One of the main purposes of the parent meeting is to inform parents about upcoming troop activities and events. The leader can provide a detailed schedule of the planned activities, including dates, times, and locations. This allows parents to plan ahead and ensure that their daughter can participate in the activities.

Finances and Fundraising

Another important topic to cover is the troop’s finances and fundraising efforts. The leader can provide an update on the troop’s financial status, including any outstanding dues or expenses. Additionally, the leader can discuss upcoming fundraising events and how parents can get involved to support the troop financially.

Volunteer Opportunities

Girl Scout troops rely on parent volunteers to help with various tasks and activities. The parent meeting is a great opportunity to discuss volunteer opportunities and encourage parents to get involved. The leader can provide a list of available volunteer positions and explain the importance of parental support in running a successful troop.

Girl Scout Awards and Recognition

Recognizing the achievements of the Girl Scouts is an essential part of the parent meeting. The leader can announce any badges, awards, or certificates that the girls have earned since the last meeting. This not only celebrates their accomplishments but also motivates other girls to strive for excellence.

Parent Questions and Concerns

It is important to allocate time for parents to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have. This can be done towards the end of the meeting when all the main agenda items have been covered. The leader should be prepared to address any issues or provide additional information to ensure that parents feel heard and supported.

Closing Remarks

As the meeting comes to an end, the leader should provide closing remarks. This can include a summary of the key points discussed during the meeting and any important reminders or announcements. The leader can also express gratitude to the parents for their involvement and support.

Next Meeting Date and Time

The final item on the agenda should be to announce the date and time of the next meeting. This allows parents to mark their calendars in advance and ensures that everyone is aware of when the next gathering will take place. The leader can also mention any specific instructions or preparations needed for the next meeting.


Having a well-structured parent meeting agenda is essential for the success of a Girl Scout troop. This template provides a framework for covering all the important topics and ensures that the meeting stays organized and efficient. By following this agenda, troop leaders and parents can work together to create a positive and engaging experience for the Girl Scouts.

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